The resilience of youth

They lost their fort but gained a skating area

I recently wrote a story about Marion Cross students who worked as a team to build some forts last week during recess. The name of that story is (If we only had a plan). This morning at the crosswalk I happened to see this same group head over to their fort to play.

The fort however was gone, completely melted by the warm temperatures this past Saturday and Sunday. The children at first were very unhappy to see their efforts lost to mother nature. A couple of them said “now what do we do” and all of a sudden one member of the group looks behind and over to the left and sees the small areas of ice that were formed by the rain and melted snow. The next thing you know, these children run over to the ice and start playing with the makeshift ice skating rink.

Another group of children spotted them and then they took off to check things out. The school monitors head over to supervise and all of a sudden everything is OK again.

I have to say the resilience of youth is amazing.

This is a fort built by the children last week

This is how it looked on Friday afternoon

And this is how it looked this morning (photo taken later in the day)

Several small areas created by nature for kids to play on with supervision of course

These icy areas were loaded with children, sliding and just enjoying something new to do. They were well supervised by the school monitors.

This photo taken later in the day from a distance.

Playing on the ice , while supervised by school monitors during recess.

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