This little tree really stumped us

However in the end it was a win/win

Recently I was asked by Peter Orner, if I would cut this stump in his yard. The tree had broken in half and all that was left standing was a stump about 8 feet high. I started to cut it and we both thought at first that we could make a chair out of the stump. As I made a cut into the wood, I immediately saw that the chair idea wouldn’t work. The tree was rotting on one side the full length of the stump.

An amazing find after the stump was removed.

This is why the tree fell and also why the stump could not be made into a chair

The stump could not be made into a chair, however it made a fine bench

It appears Roscoe is now thinking of getting into the tree business as he tries out his “toy” chainsaw. This photo was sent to me today so who knew?

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