Up ! Up! and away

Nothing but blue sky and hot air balloons

Good morning Norwich,

While just putting around at the Carter golf course in Lebanon this morning, I noticed a couple of hot air balloons flying over head and decided to take a few photos to share with my readers.

This one looks like it is heading for the highway and should be over route 89 or 91 in minutes.

Making its way somewhere

Here comes another one!

This one might be landing so that the someone can play some golf

I hope it is not stuck in the trees behind the course

Looks like it is firing up again (maybe they didn’t have a tee-time).

Up, Up, and away all over again.

I came home and checked to see if they were heading over to the Quechee balloon festival but noticed on the website that it was rescheduled this year for September 2021.

I have included here the link to their website in case you might want to check it out for something to do in September.


Enjoy the day

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