Victory Gardens a plenty, a photo essay

And a wonderful bounty they will produce

Here are some photos of the victory gardens that have been sent to me. I also had the opportunity to take a few while out and about Norwich.

Peas from Melissa’ garden

This victory garden is located at the Saint Francis Church, notice the blackboard to keep track of the garden tasks that will be done by the volunteer families.

And soon it will be filled with a chore list

This seems nicely protected and the plants are thriving

And here is a photo of some of the parishioners taken after a recent solar roof project

Photo credit and garden courtesy of Betsy Maislen

Photo credit Betsy Maislen

Photo credit Betsy Maislen Now that looks healthy!

Jacey Cobb sent in these photos

Courtesy of Jacey Cobb

These veggies will climb in peace as they are nicely protected

Photo credit Alice Bernier

Made with reclaimed wood from Willing Hands and a variety of strawberries that were dug up by the victory gardeners.

Same as above photo

A nice assortment of veggies and some flowers too !

Very nice and colorful too!

A variety and nicely mulched to keep it moist

A victory garden of a different kind but always nicely arranged

There will be no Deer getting in there

Nice and neat with everything in it’s place.

Another view

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