Water Main project on Elm Street

These improvements will make a difference and be completed soon

While driving across Hopson Road on my way to Route 5 south, I noticed some construction happening on Elm Street and thought I would stop by and take some photos to share with the community, just to keep you informed and alert you to any travel delays. The project is ongoing and will be completed soon.

The Norwich Fire District will be completing a water main project on Elm St
October 7-20. Construction will take place between 95 Elm St and 139 Elm St.
Elm St will be closed between 95 and 139 Elm St on 10/15-10/16 between
7am-5pm. Please plan accordingly. Hopson Rd is a viable detour around this
construction and should be used.

Safety signs are in place to alert you to construction site

And a Smiling Sam from the Water department on hand to supervise the work

Temporary water lines being hooked up

Just snaking along up and down Elm St.

Coming along nicely and will be done soon