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I am sharing with substack a story that was written on another platform and thought my new readers would like to see what it is all about.

I had recently published a story on the replacement of a bridge in Norwich called the Charles Brown Brook bridge. 

I received an e-mail a short while later asking if I might want to write about another bridge project that was just completed recently also.

The photos that you will see are courtesy of the 

 VT Hurricane riders website:  https://www.facebook.com/vthurricaneriders/

Here is the e-mail explaining the project.


to me

I recently spent two days working with the local snowmobile club to build a 43 foot long bridge capable of holding a Tucker Sno Cat groomer.  This bridge is 12 feet wide and built on 3 steel H beams supplied by the state of Vermont for free to the snowmobile club.

I believe these beams are from dismantled bridges.  We decked the bridge with 4 x 10 hemlock beams.  The steel beams were set in place with an excavator but the rest of the work was performed by volunteers.  The steel beams were set on 3 ft. by 6 ft. by 18 inch concrete blocks which also were set in place by the excavator. 

I do not know what the cost of the excavator or the cost to buy hemlock beams from a local sawmill are but I am sure the entire project was a few thousand dollars.  If any of this is of interest to you I could give you contact information for the local club. 

If you want to view this bridge it is on Quimby Mtn Road in Norwich a little west of the intersection with Tigertown Road.

After reading the above, I think I will be heading over to take a look, however I thought you might enjoy the photos and the above story.