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A story about using your resources to make a special gift for a special day

I talked with Ben Trussell a while back about some birch logs that I didn’t need. He said he would take them off my hands and put them to good use. He certainly did that and then some. Here is the rest of the story:

It appears that Ben’s step daughter Stephany came to him and said she would love to have some table center pieces for her wedding day which is coming up in August of this year. Ben and his wife Alice along with Stephany used these birch logs to make the center pieces.  The future bride only needed 48 but you could say that Ben got a little carried away and made up 60. some are 3 inches tall some are 5 inches tall, and all are beautiful and the perfect wedding gift, I would say.  Oh by the way Stephany loves them.

Not bad looking I might add

These are the logs that were recycled to make the center pieces

Some are a little larger than others thus the 3”and 5” sizes

The imperfections on the log adds flavor and character to the centerpiece

And here is the production line

It is amazing how easy of a project this is, from the looks of this photo

And for now they will keep planning for that very special day in August. It should be a wonderful event.

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