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Coming to a couch near you (save the date) April 3rd

The Norwich Women' club presents the Bathrobe Gala

Good Morning Norwich,

Grab some coffee or tea, and take a moment to watch this video which was taken by Dmitriy Kim. It is nicely done and will give some idea of what is being planned for April 3rd.

The Norwich Women’s club has a new fundraising idea and here is Sue Pitiger’s recent post in the Norwich Listserv which will give you a clue.

Maybe you heard.  No Spring Gala this year.  Instead, we have THE BATHROBE
GALA!!!!!!!  What’s that, you say?  YOU PAY US TO STAY HOME!!!!!

How great is that, folks.  On April 3, get into your cozies and thank us
for not making you get dressed and go out!  No auction, no pressure.

There’s just one issue.  Norwich students still desperately count on us for
college and trade school scholarships.  And our Norwich not-for-profits and
innovative individuals still count on our community projects grants.  So,
we need your support.

You can go to

Choose the level of support you want.  Have some fun thinking of all the
people in their ugly stay-home outfits!  And stay tuned for more fun you
can have with the groundbreaking Bathrobe Gala!

Stay tuned for more to come

On a swanky corner of Sarasota, Florida, at a charming cafe, these women enjoy a brown drink and a clear one in their bathrobes.  They cleaned up before the police arrived. (Photo sent in for this event) And there may be more!

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My Newsletter "about Norwich"
My Newsletter "about Norwich"