Out with the old and in with a newly refurbished bread oven

A new bread oven for you to enjoy through a collaborative effort

Hello Norwich,

This story is about the many volunteers that came together to work as a team to get this project done but first some history. A few months back I did a story on this bread oven and you can click on this link to read read that story.


And now for the rest of the story as the saying goes

The oven before the project began

A tribute to Dale

A side view from Bragg Hill Rd.

A poster of Suzanne Lupien who utilized the oven to bake/sell her bread and she occasionally kneeded the dough.

The volunteers gathering around to receive their instructions from Richard Miscovich

I received this e-mailed info from Carey Underwood, Director of Mission Partnerships & Programs at King Arthur Flour.

After many good years of use, the time has come for the Norwich Community Oven to be rebuilt. King Arthur Baking is sponsoring this project in conjunction with the Norwich Rec Department.  Richard Miscovich, author of From the Wood-Fired Oven, will work with a team of 12 volunteers to rebuild the oven over the course of 3 days (July 15-17). The new oven will be an homage to the original with some minor improvements.  The oven will be once again available for community baking and gathering in September.

In conjunction with the oven build, Richard will be teaching a virtual wood-fired oven class at King Arthur Baking on Saturday, August 7th.  See here to learn more.

Richard Miscovich is a Department Chair and teaches artisan bread baking to culinary students at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, and to home and professional bakers at classes and conferences around the country. He is the author of From the Wood-Fired Oven, published by Chelsea Green.


And the work begins

A debris pile from the old oven

Soon to be removed upon completion of the project

Applying the mud (Photo credit belongs to Evan Kay. )

Is it sort of like frosting a cake ? (This photo credit belongs to Evan Kay.) 

And now the oven is ready to cure (photo credit Evan Kay. )

And at the final stage as the oven is curing

A front view of the new oven

And now it is in with the new and a complete project too!