A recent visit to see what "Canada's worst nightmare" is up to now. A photo essay

Three links in this story will explain what it's all about

Good morning Norwich and beyond:

This is a story/photo essay that will show you some scenes of a sugaring operation that I recently visited right here in Norwich, and if you click on these four links you will get the rest of the story. I must say it was a mystery for a while:

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It all starts here but only if the weather conditions are right

These trees are tapped and ready for the sap

Collecting bins are covered to prevent debris from getting into the pail

Trees can be straight or not but the sap still flows

A nice trail to the collection zone

But where is the Sap? It drips in and it takes it’s sweet ole time if you will

Shed is full of wood for the fire

In place and ready to go in case more needs to be split

And it is split the good old fashioned way

Why the name you ask? Click on the links above to find out why

And the room is starting to steam up

Graham is getting ready to load more wood

And there it goes into the woodstove

And getting hotter by the moment

By the looks of this chimney smoke, I would say they are ready to boil as soon as the crew arrives.