News you can use from the Norwich Police Services Committee report presented to the Selectboard on February 2009 and titled "Policing in Norwich, a progress report".

The Committee did it's job and the NPD has followed through with their recommendations.

Hello Norwich,

With all the hub-bub about what policing in Norwich should look like and where do we go from here, I thought it would be a good idea to share the Police Services progress report that was formally presented to the Selectboard on Feb 2009.

A little bit of history of how and why the committee was commissioned to study policing in Norwich.

Here are the links to the reports and to the Committees charge which can be found also on the town web-site under the heading of Applications, Reports, and Ordinances.

It is my hope that we can all learn something from this report and move on with the recommendations that were accepted by the Selectboard and have been implemented by the police department. In my opinion, we have been down this road before so why go back when we have a police department that is performing it’s duties to protect and serve in a professional manner. I believe a new chief should be hired as soon as possible so that the department can protect and serve at 100 % efficiency and not 75 %.

You might want to sit back, have a cup of coffee and take some time to review as there is a lot of material to digest. The 13 member appointed committee did their job and did it well.

Police Committee Report 10/2007

After the town meeting vote on March 6, 2007 , a 13 member committee was charged by the Selectboard to study what policing should look like in Norwich and we met bi-weekly from April 27,2007 till mid August of 2007

This was the 87 page report of the committees work that took months to complete and was submitted to Chief Douglas Robinson on 10/2007.

Chief Robinson’s Response to Recommendations 11/2007

This was the response from the Chief to the Town manager

Police Services Committee Assessment Report 02/2009

This was the committees final report that was presented to and accepted by the

Selectboard on February 11, 2009

And below are just some of the stories that were done by me on my blog “My newsletter about Norwich” that will show some of the progress that was accomplished by having a community policing police department.

As you can see by the stories below former Chief Jennifer M. Frank took community policing seriously and took it to a higher level in that she immersed herself and her department to operate the NPD with community policing in mind. I am sure the new chief will continue to do the same as it is a win/win for the NPD and the community at large.

Here are the stories.

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